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Technology is evolving, so is the EV industry especially in UAE, that plays a pivotal role in the promotion of sustainability and a green environment. This inspired us to do further research on the components used in the manufacturing of batteries and led us to the thought of taking into consideration the health and safety of people and environment. Thorough studies and market research were conducted on the impacts and challenges faced during the usage of conventional combustion engine forklifts and other machinery and how better we can demonstrate commitment to nature by developing lithium forklift batteries in UAE.

At SBR, we offer a wide range of products and services starting from Li-Ion batteries, Lead Acid batteries,Semi Traction Batteries, VRLA Battery to battery chargers. These products have their major applications on platform air, electric vehicles, industrial cleaning machines, material handling, grid, Telecom, Genset , UPS, Solar etc,


The thought behind the start of SBR Batteries was to provide an understanding on the numerous benefits of shifting to electric battery-operated material handling equipment as it helps in lowering the upkeep costs and at the same time has a longer lifetime along with exceptional performance and recyclable features.

Lithium-ion batteries

Loaded with advantages, Lithium-ion batteries are widely popular in the material handling industry with their newly adopted technologies. The key benefit of these batteries is their longer runtimes in comparison to the traditional batteries. The lifespan of these batteries is long, and this contributes to the increased productivity in material handling operations. These batteries are highly used in forklifts, are good in decreasing the carbon footprints and help in significant cost reduction and have a good return on investment, unlike lead-acid batteries, they do not require frequent maintenance and have very less downtime.


Customer satisfaction is utmost important for any business and hence at SBR Batteries we make sure we offer high quality products to our customers and excellent after sales service. If there is anything you would like to inquire with us regarding your preferred battery solution, do not hesitate, you can contact us, and our team will be happy to assist you. Our products fit into the categories of electric forklift battery, golf cart berries, electric scissor lift batteries, cleaning machine batteries, floor scrubbing machine batteries, traction batteries – u name we have it for almost all the industrial battery requirements.

Why Choose Us?

eco friendly

Eco-friendly products

technical support team

Highly experienced and trained technical support team

wide range of products

Wide range of products and solutions available for various sectors


Maintenance Support Available for all brands

low price

Low cost and High ROI in the long run


Best Aftersales support


The Idea behind SBR Batteries – Now we are at the right time to advise companies to take a leap in shifting to Electric battery-operated material handling equipment with the advantage of low maintenance costs and increased lifetime and performance.

Li-ion Battery

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are the new adopted battery technology in the material handling industry. Longer runtimes, long lifespan, fast charge capability, and reduced cost of ownership make this adoption an easy decision. They also decrease the carbon footprints and provide significant cost reduction and return on investment.


SBR Batteries actively commit to remain as the most preferred battery solution provider by our customers. Our suppliers are world renowned battery and charger manufacturers delivering high quality products and solutions across the globe.



We undertake AMC – annual maintenance contracts with our high expertise technical support team. SBR batteries service team can do on-site inspection, performance testing and advise you on the battery application and usage.

Maintaining industrial batteries is an essential part of your productivity. There are few simple steps to follow on how to take care of your industrial batteries by which you can increase and optimize its lifetime.

  1. Check electrolyte levels.
  2. Water cells if necessary (after charging).
  3. Check for residue on battery cases, clean if necessary.
  4. After charging, measure specific gravity with a hydrometer.
  5. Provide an equalization charge with ample cool-down time.
  1. Inspect the batteries for signs of corrosion on terminals. Check connectors and cables for damage.
  2. Clean tops of battery cases.
  3. After charging, measure specific gravity with a hydrometer.

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