The Advantages of Semi-Traction Batteries in Industrial Applications

Semi Traction Battery

The Advantages of Semi-Traction Batteries in Industrial Applications

Different types of batteries are made use of in industries depending on the type of requirements. Semi-Traction batteries are one such type. In this blog, we will look into what a semi-traction battery is, their peculiarities and the various benefits they offer while made in use for industrial applications.

What is a Semi-Traction battery?

Semi-traction batteries, commonly referred to as monobloc batteries, offer outstanding performance in repetitive, intense cycle use and are built to deliver constant current for a long time. A battery with numerous distinct features, electrically connected cell compartments that can each hold an assembly of electrodes, electrolyte, terminals, or other connectors, and possibly separators. These battery cells can be wired either in series or in parallel.

Semi – Traction Batteries – Features

Semi-traction batteries typically function in extremely hostile situations. Wide temperature variations (-30°C to +65°C), as well as shocks and vibrations, must be tolerated by them. They are created to deliver electricity for extended periods of time, which sets them apart from stationery and starting batteries (vehicle batteries). The performance of these batteries clearly surpasses that of the so-called gel batteries, despite the fact that they are a part of the liquid electrolyte class of batteries. This battery model offers twice as many cycles with a regular discharge as AGM or VRLA batteries, which have 350–500 cycles at full capacity.

These batteries were created with the intention of storing energy across the depth of the plates and releasing it over a lengthy period of time. The increased service life is significantly boosted by the high-density active mass, the ability to withstand challenging working conditions (heat, vibration) and improved dependability.

A semi-traction battery typically lasts 300 cycles. Only with regular maintenance will batteries last as long as they are supposed to. In actual use, the lighter applications can be powered by semi-traction batteries (1 charging cycle each week).


In a variety of uses where dependable, long-lasting power is required, semi-traction batteries are used. The following are some of the most typical uses for deep-cycle batteries:

Off-grid solar power systems:

In off-grid power systems, deep cycle batteries are utilized to store energy produced by solar panels throughout the day. Then, when the solar panels are not producing enough energy, this energy can be used at night or during other times.

Backup Power Systems:

Deep cycle batteries are used in backup power systems to supply electricity during blackouts. They can be used to power essential gadgets and appliances, including refrigerators, lights, and medical gear.

Marine and Recreational Vehicles:

Deep cycle batteries are frequently used in maritime and recreational vehicle (RV) applications to power lights, appliances, and other devices.

EV and Golf Carts:

Golf carts and other electric vehicles are run by semi-traction batteries. They can produce the necessary power and are made to survive frequent deep discharges, making them perfect for certain applications.

Energy Storage:

Semi – traction batteries are useful for storing power produced by solar panels, windmills, and other renewable energy sources. Then, when the renewable energy source is not producing enough energy, this stored energy can be utilized.

Various Industrial Applications:

Forklifts, floor scrubbers, data center backup power systems, remote monitoring and control systems, and other industrial equipment all require semi-traction batteries.

Advantages of Semi-Traction Batteries

Depending on the application, semi-traction batteries have a number of advantages. Many of their advantages, like long cycle lifespan and steady energy, make them perfect for use in recreational vehicles.

Cycles: Traditional lead-acid batteries have a lifespan of 200 cycles and aren’t made for deep discharge, while deep cycle batteries have a lifespan of roughly 2,000 cycles, with each cycle involving a complete discharge and recharge.

RC: A semi-traction battery offers more continuous energy and has a significantly greater RC than standard batteries.

Size: Deep cycle batteries function so well in recreational vehicles because they are lighter and smaller than standard batteries.


If you take the time to manage and care for your deep cycle battery, it will perform better and last longer whether you use it for your forklifts, RV, boat, off-grid cabin, or backup power system. To ensure that your semi-traction battery continues to deliver dependable power for many years to come, be sure to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations and keep in mind these maintenance and safety advice. If you are looking for the best semi-traction batteries for industrial applications in the Middle-East, SBR Batteries is the best option. We offer highly durable, reliable and long-lasting batteries for all your requirements. Please check our website or feel free to give a call at +971545084969 or mail us at , we are always happy to help you.