Advantages of Using Lithium Forklift Battery in Cold Storage warehouses

Lithium Forklift Batteries

Advantages of Using Lithium Forklift Battery in Cold Storage warehouses

Carefully storing perishable products like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, raw material etc in refrigerators and warehouses at adequate temperature is necessary during their supply chain process. For storing and preserving these products, cold environments are often ideal. But the downside is that it can strain the batteries of the forklift and affect its performance. What could be the best choice for cold storage in that regard? Is it better to make use of lithium-ion forklift batteries or lead acid batteries?

Temperature and power level of lead acid batteries are directly proportional. The power of lead acid batteries tends to decrease with temperature. These batteries work at an efficiency of 75% when the temperature is 21 degree celsius. The efficiency is seen to plunge to 56% at 12 degree celsius. Similarly at 17 degree celsius, the efficiency is 45%.

What’s even more challenging is the charging of lead-acid batteries that’s been used in cold storage warehouses.In order to change or recharge lead acid batteries, first the forklift has to be moved out of  the cold temperature. Doing so will obviously bring down its availability and condensations happen in turn which is likely to shorten the lifespan of the forklift and its parts as well. 

What could be a solution for this? It’s Lithium-ion batteries. Even though while calculating the upfront cost of these batteries, it will be slightly on the higher end, you’re sure to get the return on investment due to its long lifespan as well as greater efficiency of the forklift.

What are the  benefits of using lithium forklift batteries?

Lithium-ion forklift batteries come with immense benefits which makes it most preferred. Let’s check the benefits one by one.

  • Less Power Loss – Lithium-ion batteries tend to lose very little power even though there is a drop in temperature. These batteries usually maintain consistent voltage through the full operation cycle.
  • Long Battery Life -Operating with Lithium-ion batteries in cold environments are less likely to lessen the battery lifespan. Whereas in the case of using lead acid batteries the battery life will be shortened considerably over time of its use in cold environments.
  • Enhanced Technology – There’s a lot of research and development happening on batteries. As a result of the same, Lithium-ion batteries are produced with integral heaters and BMS (Battery Management Systems) which will help regulate the temperature of batteries at optimum while in operation as well as during recharge.
  • Fast Charging – The forklifts that are powered by Lithium-ion batteries can benefit from opportunity charging. Forklifts powered by Lithium-ion batteries get charged quite fast within a time frame of less than ninety minutes in comparison to other battery types. This rapid charging feature of Lithium-ion batteries greatly help in the forklifts getting back to the cold storage warehouse quickly. Hence forklifts powered by Lithium-ion batteries are widely accepted for multiple shift or 24 x 7 operation.
  • Cold Charging – Since the introduction of cold charging systems, it’s possible for Lithium-ion batteries to get charged inside cold storage warehouses. This is facilitated by installing a charging system in the warehouse that’s already refrigerated.  This helps to eliminate the complicated as well as lifespan reducing process of moving away the forklift from the warehouse due to problems resulting from condensation.
  • Safer Charging – Ensuring safe charging is very important to prevent any accidents from occuring. That’s another reason why Lithium-ion batteries are preferred. While lithium-ion batteries are being charged, there is no emission of gasses, whereas in the case of a lead-acid battery, it emits hydrogen which can get accumulated in the sealed freezer.Thereby increasing the chance of accidents from ignition. Another major downside of lead – acid batteries are acid spills. Having acid spills can be dangerous inside a cold storage warehouse where perishable items are being stored and the chances of it getting contaminated is high. Another advantage of Lithium-ion batteries is that they eliminate the necessity of having charging stations, cranes or hoists.This can help in freeing up considerable space in your warehouse which can contribute to enhancing the fleet.
  • Pallet Jacks – To load and unload refrigerated vehicles, pallet jacks and walkies are employed. Using Li-ion batteries here also makes a significant benefit here as well. If lead acid batteries are used, the jack has to be removed from the cold environment each time for charging thereby lessening the availability and resulting in issues from condensation. It’s possible to charge pallet jacks in the refrigerated truck itself.


It’s evident from the above discussion that a forklift or pallet jacks that are powered by Lithium-ion batteries ensures several advantages in refrigerated or cold storage warehouses. SBR Batteries brings to you a wide range of Lithium-ion powered forklifts.

Do you own a cold storage warehouse? Talk to our team to guide you and help you pick the right forklift batteries for your application in the UAE.