Crucial Safety Measures For Battery Handling

Battery Handling

Crucial Safety Measures For Battery Handling

A reliable and durable battery is the first and foremost step towards charging your equipment and enhancing productivity. This is the sole reason why SBR batteries are most recommended in comparison to others. Their batteries are long lasting, offer unparalleled performance and are able to start even at high temperatures.

Batteries are huge, contain corrosive acids and generate electrical charge. Hence you have to be very careful while handling batteries. It’s important to take certain safety precautions while handling batteries. In this blog , let’s discuss the crucial safety measures for handling batteries.

Points to Remember

1. Make sure you give enough space between metals and batteries to avoid them touching each other – This includes any jewelry, belts or watches addendum to any metal equipment and hoist chains. As we know that metal conducts electricity, it has to be understood that touching a metal object that is in contact with a battery possesses self electrocuting risk.

2. Do not allow both terminals to be in contact with the same object – especially be careful not to injure yourself accidentally. Electric current will pass through anything that’s in contact with the engaged terminals.

3. Do not use hands to guide batteries while living or moving – as there are huge risks of getting hurt. In case the battery dies or changes. Handling batteries always poses a risk as there are chances of electric shocks or exposure to acidic battery material.

4. Follow correct and exact lifting techniques to ensure safety – It’s advisable not to touch batteries with bare hands. Make sure that you are using the lifting machines that are specifically designed to lift the batteries based on their weight and have been tested and approved by the authorities. In case of not adhering to it, there are chances of the battery getting broken or the lifting machines getting damaged.

5. Do not forget to wear safety gears such as safety goggles, gloves and hardhats while trying to lift batteries – Usage of gloves and proper eyewear is an important factor to avoid exposure to battery acid and wearing hard hats during the lifting process is crucial in case of batteries falling down or swinging.

6. If not handled in the right way, batteries can cause harm – The same way big and bulky objects when dropped can cause harm, there’s potential risk with batteries as well. If dropped, there are chances that battery acid gets leaked and causes serious burns and even damage equipment. In addition, handling batteries without the proper tools and improper planning can cause electric shocks resulting from high voltage.


First and foremost, all employees who handle batteries should receive training on safe lifting and handling techniques. In order to keep a safe workplace, it’s also a good idea to routinely remind employees of proper battery handling techniques. With the help of Industrial Battery & Charger Inc.’s regular maintenance programs, you can plan your fleet’s maintenance proactively rather than just as a reactive measure. Any effective and well-run facility must have a preventive maintenance policy in place. It will extend the life of your batteries and ultimately save you money and time.

So take care of your batteries , it doesn’t matter if it’s old or new. Proper care and maintenance will prevent untimely breakdowns and repairs. If you are looking for in depth technical information regarding the safety measures, you can contact SBR Batteries team who are always ready to guide you on opting the right batteries, steps for setting up batteries, battery storage, and even more.