October 2023

Semi Traction Battery

Different types of batteries are made use of in industries depending on the type of requirements. Semi-Traction batteries are one such type. In this blog, we will look into what a semi-traction battery is, their peculiarities and the various benefits they offer while made in use for industrial applications. What is a Semi-Traction battery? Semi-traction batteries, commonly referred to as monobloc batteries, offer outstanding performance in repetitive,...

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Lead Acid Battery

Let's start with the history of the lead acid battery before getting into its concepts. Nicolas Gautherot, a French scientist, discovered in 1801 that there is still a very small amount of current flowing during electrolysis tests ,even when the main battery is disconnected. The first lead acid battery that recharges by the passage of reverse current was created in 1859, by a scientist named Gatson....

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